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Real Estate Agents:

Estate Sales Benefit You and Your Client

You have the listing, but need the home owner to declutter, pare down and pack up. Where to start? Call Trilogy Estate Sales – our consultations are always free. We will work with you, your client and your timeframe to find the best solution. Enlisting the help of a professional estate sale company is the fastest way to make sense of the process, find new homes for unwanted possessions and see a profit, which helps to motivate the homeowners.

Where we excel:
  • 2500sq ft and larger homes

  • Homes with at least 3 bedrooms

  • Homes with a garage, outbuilding or shed

  • Homes with a large accumulation and wide range of items to be sold.

  • Pictures tell the story - check out some of our previous sales.


Not sure if your client's home is a fit? Give us a call!
We're happy to help you find solutions that add value
to the services you provide to your clients.

(617) 969-1093

We are expert at finding value in homes. Our estate sales sell far more than antiques (but we love those, too). What can be sold by Trilogy Estate Sales? Essentially it's all the clutter you want them to clean up before the house goes on the market. Linens, clothes, crafts supplies, costume jewelry, pots and pans, exercise equipment, artwork, shed and garage contents, lawnmowers, snow blowers, cars, toys, pool tables, window treatments, furniture ... and so much more. We aslo work with the buyer to facilitate the purchases they want to make - keep those pesky details out of the P&S, and let us take care of it for you.



Why Recommend Trilogy Estate Sales to Host Your Client's Estate Sale?

We combine our love of estate sales, marketing, antiques, art, social media, vintage trinkets, recycling, upcycling and networking to make the sales we host fun and successful. The estate sale services we provide give our clients a worry-free experience.


  • Friendly, professional, dedicated and knowledgable

  • Honesty, integrity and transparency — always

  • Nimble - we can put together a sale in as little as two weeks

  • Bonded and insured

  • Locally owned and operated

  • USPAP compliant valuation and pricing methods

  • Extensive network of subject matter experts

  • Pre-sales permitted for unique or hard-to-sell items

  • Post-sale assistance with charitable donations

  • Our clients' testimonials speak volumes

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