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Littleton? Little Brimfield!

Part II: 196 Foster Street

One day blowout: Saturday April 2, 2016

Three new packed rooms worth of things have been unpacked and will be ready to go in Part II of this incredible home. Here are a few of the highlights:


  • Sterling silver - trinkets; serving pieces; candlesticks; coin silver

  • Vintage postcards: Massachusetts; greater New England area; some NY state; international

  • Vintage and antique sheet music

  • Cameras: Nikon FE body with 50mm lens; Poloroid Land cameras; Kodak Brownies; light meters; unused flash bulbs

  • MANY MORE cups and saucers, some matching, lots that don't. Stock up here to make your Pinterest projects a reality

  • Antique child-size buckboard wagon

  • Antique dough box

  • MORE vintage wicker, and newer wicker sets

  • Keystone Tools sharpening stone wheel

  • Vintage tools - hand tools, wallpaper hanger's table, power tools

  • Chairs. Need a potty chair? We've got 'em in every size. And non-potty chairs too. Church supper chairs, vintage wood stadium seat chairs, 50s aluminum chairs - one that's never been assembled!

  • MORE vintage and antique books - check out the sought-after near-perfect 1972 Beatles book!

  • Vintage pulleys and architectural salvage - door knobs and escutcheons & more

  • Antique twin metal bed

  • Vintage gardening and yard hand tools


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